Feds sue Hallmark slaughterhouse over beef recall

Good luck getting blood from a stone-dead company: The federal government is suing Chino-based Westland/Hallmark Meat Co., whose workers were caught on videotape abusing nonambulatory cattle, resulting in the nation’s biggest beef recall last year. The federal lawsuit seeks $150 million in taxpayer money awarded to the company during a five-year period. (Capital Press)

One Responseto “Feds sue Hallmark slaughterhouse over beef recall”

  1. Phillip Huggan says:

    Is the pork industrially globalized? That is, if you slaughter pigs in New Zealand, adjusting for transportation costs would this have the same effect on pork supplies in Thailand as if you slaughtered pigs in Brazil?

    Can the pork industry regenerate easily? If you slaughter a given % of piggies, assuming farm supports can farm capacity be restored easily within say, two years by making imports from unslaughtered capacity? I guess I’m asking the adult pig population doubling time assuming unlimited $$.