Tom Vilsack has been making friends in both camps

Two-faced Tom?: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has disarmed sustainable-ag opponents through his organic People’s Garden for the USDA and appointment of reformers like Kathleen Merrigan, while reassuring agribiz through support for corn ethanol and GMOs. Vilsack himself sees no contradiction: he’s just a bridge between all scales and philosophies of agriculture. “To me it isn’t about either-or,” he tells Philip Brasher in an interview in his office, which has a WWII-era Victory Garden poster on the wall. (The Des Moines Register)

One Responseto “Tom Vilsack has been making friends in both camps”

  1. Sarah Long says:

    It’s important that our policy makers know what kind of support is out there for healthy agriculture.  Read, Lisa Kivirist’s article Plant Spring Change: Two Ways Women Can Stimulate National Ag Policy Reform, in the Women, Food, and Agriculture Website.  Women have an important role in the food system.  Let your voice be heard!!!

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