Disney moving aggressively into branded fresh-produce market

No Dumbos here: This article in today’s WashPo business section details how, over the past few years, Disney has distanced itself from junk food and expanded its association with healthier products. There are more than 250 offerings in the Disney Garden line, including Disney-branded eggs and a High School Musical avocado. (Emphasis on the healthi-er: the offerings also include whole-wheat-breaded Mickey Mouse-shaped chicken nuggets.) And kid are begging for them: bagged-apple sales increased 47% during a High School Musical promotion at Winn-Dixie. “Parents are happy, growers are happy, grocers are happy, kids are happy and healthy, and, oh yeah, Disney is pleased, too” — who doesn’t love it? Well, the people who wish we weren’t marketing anything at all to kids. You know, the Scrooges…coming soon to a potato near you? (Washington Post)

One Responseto “Disney moving aggressively into branded fresh-produce market”

  1. Rob Smart says:

    It is hard to believe that The Walt Disney Corporation is doing this for any other reason than improving its public relations.  After Disney’s 10-year exclusive pact with McDonald’s — valued at $2 to $3 billion in promotional value and royalties — expired in 2006, and with growing concerns about fast food, etc., Disney is doing what it can to right a “wrong.”

    Glad to see them raising awareness, but I would prefer to seeing hard-working farmers being the brand on fruits and vegetables.  With a premium global brand in the mix, and what I expect are high-volume growers, local and sustainable farms stand to lose ground.