If there’s ever a serious pandemic, we’re in deep shit

Stay home and call your doctor?: Billions of dollars spent on Homeland Security and biodefense in the U.S., and one very sick WSJ reporter can’t get tested for swine flu, even once admitted to the hospital and placed in isolation. (Wall Street Journal) What are we going to do in the event of a really serious outbreak?

One Responseto “If there’s ever a serious pandemic, we’re in deep shit”

  1. Ironically, just before the H1N1 flu hit the news my wife took two of our kid to the doctor’s office, at the hospital, for kids vaccines. I don’t like going because every year when we go to the doctor’s we bring home a cold, flu or something despite washing hands and being careful. And yes, indeed, we did this year too.

    We only go there about once or twice a year but consistently we bring something back. No, I don’t think it is H1N1 although really I have no idea. Just annoying sniffles and sore throats. This makes doing chores difficult as we have to be careful not to pass it on to our livestock. Hospitals and doctors’ offices some of the best places to pickup disease. :( Blah.