Radical agtivism: California Senate’s new Food and Ag Committee chair

Flowers for Florez: We (heart) California Sen. Dean Florez, D-Shafter, new chair of California’s ag committee, which in January took the unprecedented step of adding “food” to its name. This piece from a trade newspaper looks at how he’s broken with the herd on animal welfare, animal use of antibiotics, and all sorts of other topics that have agribiz lobbyists squealing like piglets getting castrated. (That’s not actually in the article.) Florez says the committee has traditionally focused on only half the industry — the owners’ side. He and his family have come from the workers’ side. Swoon. (Capitol Weekly)

2 Responsesto “Radical agtivism: California Senate’s new Food and Ag Committee chair”

  1. Ooo… That would be loud. Castration is not a pleasant task for farmer or piglet. Thus why we have worked so hard to get away from that. Fortunately it’s not necessary. Although, I’m willing to make exceptions, for Big Ag lobbyists. We don’t want those critters breeding.

  2. Psyched to see this development and hope other states emulate!