USDA to hold listening sessions on national animal ID system

Start packing, Walter: We knew swine flu novel H1N1 virus was going to move animal-tracking to the front burner. AgSec Tom Vilsack today announced that the USDA will hold a series of “listening sessions” on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) next month in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington state. Those who can’t attend can submit comments online. The USDA “seeks to gather not only producer comments and concerns, but also potential or feasible solutions to create a program producers can feel comfortable supporting.…Discussion sessions related to NAIS’ cost, impact on small farmers, privacy and confidentiality, liability premises registration, animal identification and animal tracing will allow producers to provide their input on ways to make the program into something they all can support.” OK small farmers, time to saddle up and make NAIS nicer. ( Release No. 0143.09)

2 Responsesto “USDA to hold listening sessions on national animal ID system”

  1. I don’t travel so I won’t have to pack. Wouldn’t want to between the wasted energy, pollution and disease transmission! Fortunately, the USDA allows for online input and in my case I I was able to testify before USDA Secretary Vilsack back on April 15th (what a choice of days) on this topic at the first of the round table listening sessions. Please, people, do educate yourselves about this topic (visit for a homesteader, consumer and small farmer perspective) and then give feedback to the USDA. This is our chance to have input with the new Secretary of Agriculture.

  2. Mike Murphy says:

    If Vilsack is listening, tell him what you think.

    The perfect solution to all stakeholder concerns about NAIS exists. Exempt stakeholders who do not want to participate in this program in any way.