What effect will Arlen Specter have on ag policy?

Specter-ulation: Sen. Arlen Specter’s jump to the Dem side of the aisle will have “wide-ranging impact on policy, but particularly Ag policy, both domestic and global,” says our favorite AgWonkette, Eddie. She dissects his record for those who haven’t been paying attention to this senator from the big dairy state Pennsylvania. (Obama Foodorama)

One Responseto “What effect will Arlen Specter have on ag policy?”

  1. Does anyone else find the jumping ship (by Republicans no less) a little odd. I mean, I realize the tides have shifted, the ship is sinking and all that but where is their brand loyalty?

    When our Jim Jeffords of Vermont went Independent I found it most strange. I voted for him, not the party, and continued to support him but the whole concept that they would change horses mid-stream seems a little surreal. The party puts a lot into getting them elected – parties I have no alliance to as an independent – so when a sitting Senator or Representative changes parties it seems a bit like they’ve bitten the hand that feeds them.

    Ah, but such as it is in the strange world of politics. I think I’ve used up my allotment of allegories.