A big O no! Oprah teams up with KFC

Bucket O’ misery: Oprah Winfrey has teamed up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to offer a downloadable coupon from KFC for two pieces of grilled chicken, two sides, and a biscuit. (Los Angeles Times) Ugh. America’s hungry, but … KFC? And this after Oprah ran an in-depth investigation into “How We Treat the Animals We Eat” (see Kerry Trueman’s take over at Eating Liberally). Over at Civil Eats, Paula Crossfield is outraged, and frankly so are we.

3 Responsesto “A big O no! Oprah teams up with KFC”

  1. Oprah has also given the anti-vaccine ideologue Jenny McCarthy a show. It’s all about the $$$. Maybe we should all just use “the way” and wish Oprah would come to her senses!

  2. Inoculated is right on it. Oprah is about money and little more. She does a good job of feigning an interest in important issues, but in the end, it’s about money.

  3. John says:

    I am glad someone un-did PETA’s years of Anit-KFC campaign in just one episode.