Vote! Organic Film Trailer Competition finalists announced

The Organic Summit has announced the 12 finalists for its first annual Organic Film Trailer Competition, and voting is open. Cosponsored by the Organic Farming Research Foundation, the summit is a leadership conference (this year June 3-5 in Washington state) that brings together organic producers and food companies big and small, along with their nonprofit counterparts.

The competition was created to give filmmakers a shot at showing the trailers for their films about organic agriculture and industry to the conference’s attendees. A cash prize will be awarded by the OFRF and presented at the summit by Curt Ellis (“King Corn”) and Ron Kroese. These films have not yet released, and many need funding to complete the editing and finance distribution, so this exposure may be critical. Go vote!

My personal favorites among the finalists are the trailers for “What’s On Your Plate“; “What’s Organic About Organic“; and of course “The Greenhorns,” my friend Severine’s film about young farmers, whose trailer is embedded below:

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