Wrongful-death lawsuit filed against Smithfield for H1N1

Tom Philpott might want to call a lawyer: The husband of pregnant Judy Trunnell, the first U.S. resident to die from the H1N1 flu outbreak, has filed a lawsuit against Smithfield Foods, the U.S. owner of a Mexican pig farm in La Gloria where “news reports traced the first cases.” Steven Trunnell has filed a petition in a Texas state district court to begin conducting depositions for a possible wrongful death claim against the $12 billion company. (San Antonio Express-News)

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  1. Here is an interesting related article:


    that suggests H1N1 may have been created in a lab. Perhaps it was accidentally leaked. They did that twice from labs in Britain with Foot & Mouth Disease that lead to the killing of over 6 million healthy livestock. Government oops. These things happen.