BPA from bottles enters the human body

The proof is in the pee? Bisphenol A (BPA) is suspected to be an endocrine disruptor and a potential cause of numerous chronic diseases, leading to various efforts to ban its use. A newly released study by researchers at Harvard and the Centers for Disease Control finds bottles made from BPA lead to BPA uptake by humans, with some of it being excreted in urine. The researchers had 77 Harvard College students drink cold beverages from stainless steel bottles for one week, then from BPA-containing polycarbonate bottles during the following week, with periodic urine sample collection for analysis. Use of the polycarbonate bottles led to a 69% increase in the subjects’ urinary concentration of BPA. (Environmental Health Perspectives)

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  1. Lyon says:

    For more on how environmental contaminants effect our bodies, listen to the podcasts at morethansound.net. Listen to Michael Lerner talk about his work at Commonweal Cancer Help Center and the connections between personal and planetary healing. Also, listen to Dara O’Rourke talk about Good Guide, a cutting-edge technology that weighs environmental, social and health impacts of many of the products we buy every day. You can also hear Greg Norris talk about Earthster, his new website that is dedicated to optimizing supply chains in an ever-chaning marketplace.