Two recaps of the 2009 Sustainable Foods Institute

The media is the message: Sam Fromartz provides a brief recap of the 2009 Sustainable Foods Institute,a  two-day, journalists-only boot camp put on by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to, as Sam says, “communicate what goes on in the invisible oceans so that we understand them a little better. The conference takes this a step further by connecting the impact of farming and fishing, and yes, cooking, on our food supply and natural world.” (Chews Wise) Meanwhile, over at Civil Eats, SFI attendee Aaron French reports on an interesting panel that Sam moderated, called “Communicating Environmental Messages: How Journalists are Telling Stories of Sustainability.” The best of them, like Jane Black from the Washington Post and Gourmet’s Barry Estabrooke, are doing so through people, sans preachiness. 

One Responseto “Two recaps of the 2009 Sustainable Foods Institute”

  1. the more writers educating  people about these issues will help others become accountable for the food served in our country