Sardinistas! Love the little fish with the big impact

Falling hard for pilchards: Jane Black gives some attention to the sardine, a much maligned fish these days. Sardines are a relatively good choice for many reasons — they are high in Omega 3′s, low in mercury and PCBs, they reproduce relatively quickly, and the California sardine fishery is currently well managed. (Which wasn’t always the case, as a post by Marc at Mental Masala illustrates.) Black talks to members of the sardine-loving “Sardinistas” in Monterey, CA; TV chef Alton Brown (who will soon feature the fish on his show); and others about the fish and how to prepare it. A separate item by Bonnie Bewick looks at the difference between fresh and frozen sardines, while also offering some cooking tips. (Washington Post)

2 Responsesto “Sardinistas! Love the little fish with the big impact”

  1. Diana Foss says:

    I’ve noticed fresh sardines available much more widely this spring. Even my local sushi boat place has started serving them fresh, and, in my attempts to avoid tuna, salmon, eel and shrimp, I’ve been scarfing them down whenever possible.

  2. Don Libey says:

    As a natural lover of sardines, I look for them on any menu, anywhere in the world. The best preparation to date is at the Marco Polo restaurant on Pleasant Point in Putney, London, England. The chef knows the art of the sardine. When in London, it’s a “must-have” experience for sardine lovers.