Swine flu cull affects people and the environment in Egypt

Don’t zabaleen on me: The Egyptian government pre-emptively culled the country’s 300,000 pigs supposedly in response to swine flu panic, but as many suspected, there were other motives. The International Herald Tribune reports that it was designed to curb the zabaleen,
Christian Egyptians who sort and collect Cairo’s garbage, including feeding food waste to
their pigs. The Green Prophet briefly about the effects of the massive cull: “killing the swine also means killing off a system for recycling organic waste which dates back to the 1940s.” Egypt must now deal with thousands of extra tons of rotting organic waste the pigs previously converted into protein.

One Responseto “Swine flu cull affects people and the environment in Egypt”

  1. May the worms of a thousand cabbage heads infest their salads. :)

    Laws of unintended consequences can have a way of slapping people up the side of the head…