Meat industry squeals at thought of FDA oversight

Leggo of our CAFO!: Big Meat is less than pleased with the food safety bill currently moving through Congress, summarizes Tom Laskawy. Despite the facts that food safety breaches — and voluntary, useless after-the-fact recalls — are still common, the industry thinks the proposed new fees are too high, and the government shouldn’t have mandatory recall power, and inspecting farms and livestock operations is unnecessary. But what really freaks them out is that a more powerful FDA might get regulatory authority over the industry, versus the currently toothless USDA. (Grist)

One Responseto “Meat industry squeals at thought of FDA oversight”

  1. The solution to all of these problems is very simple. The producers need to live where their products are produced and they need to eat their own products, feeding it to their kids. They won’t shit in their own nest and they’ll make sure it is safe if they have to imbibe.

    What consumers can do is buy from producers who do live where they farm, who do eat what they produce.

    The same logic applies to all other industries. It’s a simple, elegant solution, just like the edge of a razor blade.