Mark Bittman on “eating fish as a treat”

A boatload of guilt: Times columnist Mark Bittman has a terrific piece about how his lifelong love affair with seafood has gradually turned into an amicable separation. “Sadly, the list of fish that I don’t eat is much longer than the list of fish that I do,” he writes, continuing that he considers arguing that “one shouldn’t eat fish at all, fearing that if fish lovers begin consuming those few remaining species that are not in trouble — sardines, mackerel, squid — we might just make quick work of them, too. But though that may be the easiest argument to phrase, it isn’t likely to be popular, nor will it help the cods and flounders.” (Agreed — same problem with arguing vegetarianism is the only honest solution to this country’s meat-industry-caused ills.) Bittman goes on to detail his thoughtful do’s-and-don’ts approach. (New York Times) It is great to see a food article in the country’s best newspaper offering this kind of ethical nuance, instead of soundbites and “top ten tips.”

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