Michelle Obama links WH garden to child nutrition programs and healthcare reform

Give peas a chance: An event for schoolkids in the First Lady’s Garden marked a change in tone for Michelle Obama, from fun-filled photo op to homework. “This gorgeous, bountiful garden has given us a chance to not just have some fun…but to shed some light on the important food and nutrition issues that we need to address as a nation,” she told fifth-graders yesterday. “I want you to continue to be my little ambassadors in your own home and your own communities.” She also connected the dots between healthful eating and two major legislative initiatives, the reauthorization of child nutrition programs and health-care reform. (Washington Post) Over at ObamaFoodarama, Eddie deconstructs the strategy behind this deceptively gracious, build-a-garden-and-they-will-come-around approach. Michelle Obama has “managed to get the entire country interested in some of the most hot-topic buttons in food culture without inciting animosity,” she writes. (Hmm. No animosity? You think the Mid America CropLife Association isn’t continue to gnash its teeth, as Jill reported in March?)

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