U.S. and Canada forge organic alliance

Good news, eh? Products meeting the Certified Organic standard in the United States can now be sold as organic in Canada, and vice versa, without additional certification work. Canada is the largest U.S. trade partner and largest estimated export market for U.S. organic products. (USDA press release)

One Responseto “U.S. and Canada forge organic alliance”

  1. I am not too sure how much I like this news. The Canadian Organic standards tend to be a little higher than that of the USDA Organic standards. However, this could possibly be an open to organics becoming more widely used. I would rather eat a mass-produced ‘organic’ fruit, than a mass-produced ‘non-organic’ fruit. It it is still important to always buy as much produce locally as possible, even if its not certified, because if a farmer is bringing it down to a farmers market (especially a lot of the markets nowadays), it will most likely meet the organic standards or surpass them, not to mention you will be supporting a local economy.

    You should always strive to buy animal foods from farms directly (either through a CSA or at the farmers markets). It is important to support pasture-fed animal products and raw milk. This gives a farmer a suitable living condition, and allows them more time to give attention to their farm and animals health.