Nicholas Kristof on the “terrific new documentary” “Food, Inc”

Worms can be good protein: “The documentary…’Food, Inc.’ offers a powerful and largely persuasive diagnosis of American agriculture,” write NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in Sunday’s paper. “Go see it, but be warned that you may not want to eat for a week afterward.” Following a paean to his mother’s wormy garden lettuce, Kristof fingers the industrialized agriculture system as one source of our health care woes, bemoans the re-engineering of animals, and deplores the revolving door  between agribusiness corporations and government. (New York Times)

One Responseto “Nicholas Kristof on the “terrific new documentary” “Food, Inc””

  1. Joanne Lewis says:

    I’ve read somewhere that the figures they gave on “Food Inc.” on the drop of food service inspection was inaccurate. What do you think of this? I believe the point is not whether or not the drop was accurate; it was that the number of inspections dropped at all. What does this say about our system?