An Ikea trip + $350 + 4 weekends = 1 stylin’ chicken coop

Mod birds: Taking apart an Ikea Mydal bunk bed and pairing it with a few other items from everyone’s favorite eco-friendly Swedish big-box store, urban chicken enthusiasts Aaron Bell and wife Corinne have designed one very cute chicken coop. Poultry not included. (Ikea Hacker; via Urban Chickens)

One Responseto “An Ikea trip + $350 + 4 weekends = 1 stylin’ chicken coop”

  1. Charlotte says:

    I lucked out — a friend had a big packing crate that we used to build my coop, and my boyfriend is a builder, so he has a lot of stuff in his stash, and we recycled the chain link fence they pulled out on his current job,  so my coop cost $0.00 in materials. There are photos on my blog …