New York beekeeping a growing but illicit hobby

Busy bees in the Big Apple: Beekeeping is on the rise in New York, although it means breaking the law. City Councilman David Yassky of Brooklyn, backed by Just Food, is seeking to legalize it as a legitimate form of agriculture. The New York City Beekeepers Association offers classes, matches people who want to keep bees with people who have room for hives, and sells beekeeping starter kits. Pollinator Week begins Monday; this website has lots of resources for celebrating our insect helpers. (

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2 Responsesto “New York beekeeping a growing but illicit hobby”

  1. I think a profound argument can be made in favor of repealing many of the anti-beekeeping laws. Some of them were enacted in a time when feral bees were the nastier German bees, with a temperament akin to Africanized bees. I was told that beekeeping was restricted in Madison, but after looking it up, I found that there was no such restriction (thankfully). Now one of my half a dozen hives is in my back yard.
    I certainly sympathize with those who cannot legally keep their bees in-city, but in a climate more sensitive to bees and beekeepers perhaps some ground can be gained politically?

  2. Alfred says:

    I see no good reason to regulate bees. I think we’re a little understocked, actually.