Gary Nabhan celebrates new Arizona burger “that tasts of this place”

Raising the green Flagstaff: Arizona resident and “Coming Home To Eat” author Gary Nabhan, writes glowingly of a new restuarant in the middle of downtown Flagstaff that serves good, modestly priced SOLE food. Backed by the Diablo Trust, one of the oldest collaborations between ranchers and farmers in the West, Diablo Burger offers range-fed beef from the ranches within the Diablo Canyon Rural Planning Area, topped with onions, herbs and tomatoes from Mountain Meadow Farm in Flagstaff and McClendon’s Select in Peoria, Ariz. Even the burger’s buns are locally made, and distinctive regional wines and beers are also featured. (High Country News)

One Responseto “Gary Nabhan celebrates new Arizona burger “that tasts of this place””

  1. Cherie says:

    This sounds lovely- I bet that’s one damn tasty burger. Theres a few places in Seattle where one can find burgers made with small farm raised beef but Im not sure if any go quite as far as the Flagstaff restaurant mentioned. Ive pretty much resigned to making it myself if I want it done right and to that extent- veggies from my garden, baking my own buns etc. More power to businesses like these…I hope more begin to pop up- ideally, for me, closer to home.