Leaving the city to live the dream of goats

Not kidding around: Writer Brad Kessler talks about his and his wife’s decision to leave New York City for Vermont, raise goats, and make cheese, chronicled in his memoir “Goat Song.” They now have 17 animals and a licensed operation that sells chevre to a few of New York’s most cheese-famous restaurants. Money quote: “Farmers generally are not high-stress people. The ones I’ve met are pretty even-keeled and generally happy with what they’re doing, even though they work their asses off. There’s no one I’ve met who works as hard as a farmer and no one who gets less. It’s absolutely a shame and a disgrace how farmers are treated in this country. Everyone I know who’s farming here has a really hard time.” Kessler has also never been happier. (Salon)

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2 Responsesto “Leaving the city to live the dream of goats”

  1. Cherie says:

    I have wanted to own goats for years now. They are charming as hell and the more of them I meet (I visit a lot of farms for my blog) the more I want them as part of my family. Not only are they lovely but oh the cheese! I am such a sucker for good goat cheese. One of these days Ill go for it. Until then, Ill have to find and read this book. Its bound to break my heart a little that these folks are living the dream and I presently…am not. Damn.


  2. Aimee says:

    I recently achieved my nearly lifelong dream of getting some dairy goats and learning to make cheese. It is incredibly satisfying and there’s a lifetime’s worth of stuff to learn. However, goats are NOT as easy as many people believe. They need a fair amount of care and a SERIOUS investment in fencing. But they are lots of fun and very sweet.