Russ Parsons on why flavor trumps organic label for him

“I don’t believe in organic”: LA food writer Russ Parsons argues that people need to get over the idea that “organic” always equals chewing the right thing, whether from an environmental, moral, or taste perspective. “Between pure organics and the reckless use of chemicals, there is a huge gray area, and this is where most farming is done,” he says. “Ignoring this means that not only are you being misinformed, but you’re also taking your eye off the real mission of supporting small farmers who grow wonderful food.” So true — but it does take more work to decide which values of SOLE food are most important to you,and sek them out without the benefit of third-party-certified labels. (Los Angeles Times)

2 Responsesto “Russ Parsons on why flavor trumps organic label for him”

  1. Quality is key and can be achieved organically. (Gee, that sounds like a jingle…)

  2. Michael says:

    Having had a few days to reread my recent post about Russ Parsons’ “‘Organic’ label doesn’t guarantee quality or taste”, I feel that I short changed him, since I didn’t fully address the flawed issues that he raises. To start, his characterization of  “the hard-line organic-or-nothing crowd”, makes them sound like they’ve come out of the desert to cleanse the world by fire and sword. I may be wrong, but I don’t ever recall reading about millions of dollars being spent lobbying for legislation that would force all farmers to grow organically. Quite the contrary, there are millions of dollars being spent every year by Big Ag and some independent conventional farmers, trying to water down the organic regulations and relax or repeal environmental laws.