Urban homesteading in Oakland

Community supported appetites: Fun profile of the Bay Area’s food-movement power couple, Anya Fernald (former director of CAFF and the woman who pulled off nothing short of a miracle at Slow Food Nation) and Renato Sardo (former head of Slow Food International, now food retailing mastermind). They’ve turned their Oakland home into a modern homestead, preserving vegetables, making jam and charcuterie, and hosting pig-butchering parties. (New York Times Magazine) We had a blast at Anya’s Pig Day II in 2007 and enjoyed her write up of Pig Day 2009 on Civil Eats.

One Responseto “Urban homesteading in Oakland”

  1. Cherie says:

    Damn it! How is that folks are so motivated?? But really…these two sound fantastic. I love to read about people being pro-active in change and creating good solid community around it. Makes me feel like the world may not go to shit in the end or not as quickly anyway…