Critiquing the Obamas’ first harvest: symbols vs. policy

Seeds of change at White House still germinating: Thoughtful piece asking food movement heavyweights (Ferd Hofner of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and yes, the ubiquitous Mr. P) whether the Obama Administration has been more talk than action over healthy food policy, with the White House organic garden the most significant step toward the broad goals the campaign laid out last year. “[T]he jury is definitely still out,” said Hofner. “There have been a lot of atmospherics, but only a few substantive things so far … We’re feeling fairly positive that stuff is on the way — we’re just not entirely sure when it’s going to be unveiled.” (Salon) Some would argue, as the indefatigable FoE Eddie has here, that the garden is merely the first salvo in a cleverly low-key battle plan that has already resulted in Michelle Obama becoming the most visible, popular face of food system reform.

One Responseto “Critiquing the Obamas’ first harvest: symbols vs. policy”

  1. Ed Bruske says:

    Obama’s silence on agriculture policy has been deafening. We now find ourselves in an unprecedented food bubble, wherein corporate profiteers with a complicit government reap billions at the expense of the nation’s health and treasure. We have never seen a public health crisis like the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes brought about by unrestrained agriculture and industrial food. And not a peep from the Obama policy apparatus. My wife says, wait for the second term. Too many farm votes to allienate now. I say this has become a social justice issue of the first order. We’ve become a sick society, figuratively and literally. Low-key never solved problems of this magnitude. A little righteous indignation is called for.