GAO recommends better labeling for bottled water

Thirsty for more information: The Government Accountability Office recently looked at oversight of the bottled water by the FDA and states in comparison to EPA’s regulation of tap water. FDA’s standards are generally similar, but GAO noted that 1) FDA has not set a standard for di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) or given a good reason why is hasn’t, and 2) FDA does not have authority to require water bottlers to use certified labs or report test results, even when they violate standards. Only a small number of bottled water manufacturers that GAO investigated readily provided information similar to what is available for public drinking water. GAO recommends that the FDA deal with DEHP — issue a standard or explain why it won’t — and require improved labeling, at minimum, that reveals how to obtain comprehensive information about the water in the bottle. (Government Accountability Office)

One Responseto “GAO recommends better labeling for bottled water”

  1. Jeronimo says:

    I commend the GAO and EWG for their reports, which work to hold private corporations just as accountable as municipal water systems. For those interested in more, I suggest checking out Corporate Accountability’s “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign