One step forward, one step back in food-growing progress

We want old-style soy! Enough growers want to move away from Roundup Ready soybeans that Kansas State University is starting trials on conventional varieties, because few such kinds are available anymore. (KSU)

Eye spy one positive side effect? Never mind that pesticides have been in use for decades, somebody’s finally come up with a study finding a nutritional benefit of using weed killers. The study, by Dean A. Kopsell and others, says sweet corn sprayed with the weed killers had higher levels of carotenoids, which benefit eye health. We suppose that’s nice, if you feel compelled to spray your corn. Still, we’ll go for organic corn and get our carotenoids from such superior sources as carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, eggs, and even hot peppers. (In English, at EurekAlert; in science-speak at Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

One Responseto “One step forward, one step back in food-growing progress”

  1. Dana says:

    I would love if you were able to follow up on the KU conventional soyben trials if the info becomes available! All I’m thinking about is soybeans after that report cord came out on the top soy products distributors and their sources. I now look to see if my organic soy products are from China and then I don’t buy them. I need to find a new edamame brand!