Bills in Michigan would legislate industrial animal rearing

Meddling in Michigan: The meat, dairy and egg industry in Michigan is trying to push a package of bills through the state legislature that will make their businesses much easier to run by reducing the public’s ability to oppose agricultural projects, weaken animal welfare protections, impose industrial animal production methods on small operators, and preclude local control of agricultural operations (a similar law in Iowa has made small towns helpless against CAFOs that want to move in to their area). In an Op Ed, Michigan State law professor David Farve brings up a number of important points, including this one: “…this legislation creates a presumption that compliance with industrial standards adopted as state regulations does not constitute cruelty to animals. The only reason for placing such a provision in the bill is the concern that present animal industrial practices do indeed constitute criminal cruelty to animals.” (Lansing State Journal, via Paul Shapiro’s and Edible SF’s twitter feeds)

One Responseto “Bills in Michigan would legislate industrial animal rearing”

  1. I’m not surprised. This is something I’ve been expecting to see. It is a reaction to the legislative over reach being made by animal rights organizations. Big Ag feels attacked and is working to protect themselves proactively so they continue to have the right to raise livestock. While I don’t like Big Ag or their confinement practices I do understand. We must protect our rights to farm. Unfortunately we’re seeing extremists all over the map using poorly written legislation to mandate things on us. What we need is less government, not more.