NY Senator Schumer calls for clamp down on sketchy milk protein concentrates

Putting the squeeze on MPCs: We missed this a few days ago, but New York Senator Chuck Schumer has introduced a bill that would levy higher tariffs on imports of milk protein concentrates, or MPCs. (Little Falls Times) The dried dairy product – if you can call it that – is becoming ubiquitous in many processed foods in the United States because it’s cheaper than domestically-produced dried milk powder. U.S. dairy farmers are taking the hit: in New York, farmers are earning $0.12/gallon for their milk, which may cost them $0.27/gallon to produce. Schumer hopes that higher tariffs on imported MPCs will boost demand for his farmers’ products. (Buffalo News)

Background: Schumer’s bill would make MPCs, which are produced under a less-than-savory process in countries not known for high food-safety standards, more expensive, and that’s great. But it doesn’t address another major issue driving the use of MPCs by food processing companies: even though MPCs have never been approved by the FDA for use in food, companies like Kraft do it anyway while the FDA turns a blind eye. Tariffs are great, but what about the enforcement of food safety standards? For more delicious MPC background, see this post.

2 Responsesto “NY Senator Schumer calls for clamp down on sketchy milk protein concentrates”

  1. Glyn wyeth says:

    Livestock identifcation for traceback purposes has been in use in Australia and many other countries that export product into the U. S . A. market.  Its about time your local producers accepted responsibility for their own  produce and did the same.

  2. Glyn, you fail to mention that the Australian system has been driving farmers out of business, cheating them on the price of the cattle, has 11,000,000 phantom, non-existant animals in the database and is a total disaster that has not improved safety or quality for consumers and done nothing to help Australian farmers. Details, details… It’s a disaster.