NYC unveils massive new anti-soda campaign

Fattack Ads!: New York City’s public health officials have unveiled a graphic new ad campaign that graphically depicts globs of human fat gushing from a sideways drink bottle and urges viewers to consume water, seltzer or low-fat milk instead of soda. The ads are impressive, but with their hefty $277,000 price tag and three years in development, they better be. They will run in 1,500 subway cars for three months and hopes are high that they will discourage remaining soda addicts t rethik that second or third daily cola. (City Room Blog,

4 Responsesto “NYC unveils massive new anti-soda campaign”

  1. StayBank says:

    They just might get the point across. The best thing about the campaign for NYC is the city has the best tap  water I have had. And I have been everywhere. So I’m expert on tap water. Anyone buying bottled water in NYC should rethink that one!

  2. With the projected rate of obesity expected to reach 41% by 2015, health officials are having to try anything and everything to try to get the message across. If a gross factor works, then use it. It is probably more effective than straight forward communication of the information for many people.

  3. Jackie says:

    I agree.  A picture speaks a thousand words.  The logic is there for many, many people.  But a picture as nasty as the one above will stick with a person and nag at them like no research or expose would.   Kudos to NYC for a creative approach. 

  4. Philip says:

    They should back this up with a serious tax on soda. Sweet drinks should not be cheaper than water. The cost to all of us is very large as people drink themselves sick.