Michelle Obama, Sam Kass tell White House Kitchen Garden’s story

Groundbreaking video: The White House has released a 7-minute video of showing the progress of the first “really-productive, feeding-a-lot-of-people” garden (as White House chef Sam Kass puts it) on White House grounds since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden during World War II. While the word “organic” is rather conspicuous for its absence from the narrative, First Lady Michelle Obama says some inspiring things about what prompted her to plant th garden, and the dividends it has paid. During the Presidential campaign, “I decided to change our diet… adding more fruits and vegetables, trying to sit down as a family and prepare a meal a couple of times a week … eliminating processed and sugary foods as much as possible,” she says. The payoffs were so positive and so immediate, she says, that she wanted to help other families make these small but valuable changes as well: “The garden is really an important introduction to what I hope will be a new way that our country thinks about food.” (WhiteHouse.gov)

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