Time to ban practice of feeding poultry “litter” (eg poop & other waste) to cows

File in the bulging folder of Really Bad Ideas: It’s estimated that as much as 2 billion pounds of poultry litter (comprising chicken manure aka poop, feathers, spilled feed, bedding material, dead rodents, etc.) are fed to cattle every year. That’s more than just gross — it courts mad cow disease, reports Consumers Union, as “material from cows—meat and bone meal—can be ground up and put in chicken feed. Since poultry litter can contain spilled feed, this means material from cows can be indirectly fed back to cows via poultry litter.” As could a number of antibiotics and other drugs that can be legally fed to poultry, but which could be toxic to cattle. (Not In My Food Blog/Consumers Union) Take action: Help stop the practice — which used to be banned before the FDA revoked it to allow states to regulate (or not) — by signing this CU-backed petition. Because if you think the government’s got your back (or your brain) when it comes to mad-cow testing, don’t be so sure

One Responseto “Time to ban practice of feeding poultry “litter” (eg poop & other waste) to cows”

  1. We need to be careful that this does not get over generalized. Bureaucracy has a tendency to throw out the baby with the bath water. For example, take Joe Saladin’s technique of having the pigs turn the manure pile, the bird droppings build up, etc. It’s a good natural system. Regulations regarding feeding chicken manure to cows could easily be badly written so they ban this too. They almost banned the feeding of eggs and milk to pigs in the Naturally Raised standards the other year. We need more common sense and fewer laws & regulations.