“I see summer” in a jar of peach preserves

Saving the season: In a wide-ranging meditation on worry, preservation, peaches and family, David Mas Masumoto gives us a glimpse of life on his farm. As the season winds down in a flurry of activity and “what ifs” (What if it had rained more? What if I had a more powerful tractor to pull the disc deeper?), his farm begins preserving peaches. He calls for a new concept of “seasonality”, where a traditionally preserved peach is still “in season” even when enjoyed in the winter. For Masumoto, opening a jar of peach preserves or snacking on some dried fruit in the winter gives him a chance to reflect on what he grew — during the peak of the harvest he is too busy with logistics and business to take the time to savor his crop. (Los Angeles Times)

Masumoto will be giving talks in many locations in the Western U.S. over the next few months to support his latest book, “Wisdom of the Last Farmer: Harvesting Legacies from the Land.” His website has a calendar listing his appearances, including a September 9th appearance with “Farm City” author Novella Carpenter at the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco.

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