Hatching plans to save Soul Food Farm

chicks_3594Thank you to everyone who’s donated to the Soul Food Farm Fire Fund to date, and for all your supportive comments on my last post about the devastating blaze at the Vacaville chicken farm.

Since I last wrote, I’ve gotten a blog installed and set up for the farm, and spoken to Alexis about what exactly the farm needs to survive. It will not surprise the other small to medium-size farmers out there (or the self-employed for that matter) that Soul Food was plowing any profits back into the farm. The Koefoeds therefore have no financial reserves on which to draw for repair materials and labor, or to make up for the income drought in a few weeks when those 1,000 lost birds would have been ready to harvest. In order for the farm to survive, the community that so loves its chickens and eggs it named them Best of the Bay last year needs to rally around it. Over on the new Soul Food Farm blog, I’ve detailed what exactly the farm needs and what efforts are under way to raise the necessary capital. There are lots of ways you can help, if you’re so inclined.

And if you don’t live in the Bay Area, please do remember to support YOUR local farmers even during these belt-tightening times, as well as the restaurants and grocery stores that make a point of buying from them (and spend significant extra money and effort to do so).

2 Responsesto “Hatching plans to save Soul Food Farm”

  1. Bonnie I would love to do an interview with you on my podcast SF WineChef and try to help raise more money for them, would you be interested/able to do a 10 minute phone interview this week?

  2. laura says:

    Oh thats awful! I had no idea. I get eggs from them all the time but didnt realize this had been going on as I have been out of town. My thoughts are with them <3