Two groups show how to share the backyard bounty

Backyards build community. The L.A. Times has profiles of two groups that are collecting food from residential gardens and fruit trees. The Hillside Produce Cooperative is all about strengthening community ties. It’s a cooperative in northeastern Los Angeles that pools produce, flowers and preserves from members once a month, and then divides and distributes it (Hillside Cooperative founder Hynden Walch talked about her co-op on KCRW’s Good Food back in April.)  The group Food Forward uses internet tools like Facebook and Twitter to find fruit trees with excess fruit and volunteers to pick the fruit. So far this year, they have picked nearly 30,000 pounds of citrus fruit for donation to food pantries and other charitable organizations. (Los Angeles Times)

One Responseto “Two groups show how to share the backyard bounty”

  1. Nita Belcher says:

    Backyard bounty should have been going on for  years, letting perfectly good food go to waste is a sin when  there are people close-by that could use it.  Thank God for people with compassion and brains!!!!