Naked Pizza of New Orleans: Because fast food doesn’t have to suck

A pizza a day…: The New York Times Magazine’s Consumed column looks at Naked Pizza (formerly World’s Healthiest Pizza), a small operation in New Orleans that’s poised to go national, with franchises. Naked Pizza makes crust from 12 whole grains, uses low-fat skim mozzarella, and a tomato sauce with “no additives, preservatives, colorants or weird chemicals or molecules of any kind.” The founders Tweet and maintain a nutrition-wonkily-verbose blog, Introvore. The company seems for real: can its mission and values survive franchising? Because we’d love to be able to order one of these “healthful” but super-tasty looking pies in our ‘hood. (

4 Responsesto “Naked Pizza of New Orleans: Because fast food doesn’t have to suck”

  1. Hortense says:

    I’d say it’s quite debatable that the crust and the skim milk mozarella are healthy.

  2. gb says:

    I like pizza as much as anybody, but in light of the growing body of evidence concerning AGEs and the dangers of cooking foods at high temperatures, I would be very wary about giving any kind of pizza a completely clean bill of health. All things in moderation, and maybe eat a generous heaping of salad greens with that very occasional (eg, once a month) slice of pizza…

  3. Seriously!  Austin is Promise Pizza land!  All Organic goodness with vegan and gluten free stuff.  No Naked Pizza here please :-)