Students mix cooking, discussion in food politics class

Food Politics 101:  Food and Politics, a two-week short course at Stanford University taught by Rob Reich of the Political Science department, gave a dozen incoming sophomores the chance to explore food from all angles. For each session, a group of students would take responsibility for planning and preparing a meal, including online casino purchasing most of the ingredients (many of the fresh ingredients were grown on the Stanford Community Farm). The students then eat together and spend two hours after class discussing the reading assignments — and, of course, the political and ethical implications of what they just cooked and ate.  (Stanford University)

One Responseto “Students mix cooking, discussion in food politics class”

  1. Rachel says:

    What a neat course. I also saw a food history course offered at the University of Virginia. I wish they offered such classes when I was a student. The closest we got was eating processed soy meats in the cafeteria.