Oklahoma v. poultry companies case gets underway

Taking CAFOs to court: A stretch of the Illinois River in Oklahoma has been under assault by CAFOs for many years, as poultry producers spread waste onto fields, leading to nutrient run-off that can cause algal blooms and other problems. In recent years, the river has been much cleaner, thanks in part to voluntary efforts by poultry producers (voluntary efforts that were probably stimulated by legal action by the state of Oklahoma). Instead of spreading waste on nearby fields, companies have been trucking out about 25% of the chicken waste — approximately 290,000 tons since 2005 — for burning, composting and other disposal methods. In 2005, the state of Oklahoma filed a federal lawsuit against a group of chicken producers, which include Tyson Poultry Inc. and Cargill Turkey Production L.L.C., accusing them of polluting the Illinois River with chicken waste.  The trial started on September 24, with an expected duration of several weeks. (The News Journal (AP) and Tulsa World)

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  1. The composting is good. The burning I’m dubious about. “Other disposal methods” makes me wonder. I suspect that the problem is not “chicken wastes” but rather that they’ve been doing it excessively. Properly managed, and ideally composted first, the spreading as fertilizer should be good. Then the big issue becomes hormones, antibiotics and other things that come along for the ride. Getting good fertilizer for our gardens is a big part of why we originally started raising livestock. This gives us control of not just what goes into our soil, but what goes into the animal that makes what goes into our soil. As a side benefit we get healthy pastured meat.

  2. cowboss says:

    ““Other disposal methods” makes me wonder” — let me tell you.  It is fed to livestock, Yes and it is totally legal – FDA and USDA sanctioned, AND it must end!

    Also a point of interest may be that millions of pounds of Arsenic are fed to poultry as a growth promotant “antibiotic” – 95% of this Arsenic is excreted in the poultry feces, AND somebody says – Why are the rivers and people sick?  Gimme a break!