Food as performance sport

Iron stomachs: True/Slant Matthew Greenberg takes on the Food Network again, exploring — with the help of media experts — “why food TV is more and more about how to eat 48 ounces of steak rather than how to cook it.” In a related post on the same site, Susan Toepfer notes that “more and more, we seem to be divided into two groups: Professional chefs and people who don’t cook at all. You either go to cooking school or buy whatever their graduates have made.”

2 Responsesto “Food as performance sport”

  1. The Food Network is to food what music is to MTV.  MTV used to play music.  Now it’s entertainment ABOUT music.  Food Network tried (briefly) to teach people to cook, now they’re entertainment ABOUT food. 

    Buyer Beware!

  2. 48 oz steak! Yowsa. We eat about 3 oz per day and we raise & sell meat. 48 oz in a sitting sounds unimaginable, never mind unappetizing. Hopefully that is all that they’re eating in that meal. Add a potato and they’ll pop!