Great food with “a side of sustainability” in L.A.

City of angelic eateries: Some prominent restaurants in metro Los Angeles are striving to become more “sustainable” — a term without a legal definition at this moment and all too often used as a meaningless marketing term — through all sorts of new programs. The relocated Grace, for example, will feature a garden that could supply 25% of the restaurant’s irrigation by gray-water, and in-house composting for the garden. Other restaurants are writing menus on chalkboards (York), asking if take-out orders need utensils instead of automatically including them (Gingergrass), and converting their waste oil into soap for the restaurant (Comme Ca). The latter gets points for most creative: for patrons who order roast chicken, the restaurant assembles a to-go package containing the chicken carcass, an onion, carrot and bouquet garni to use to make stock. Municipalities and others are a key part of the effort, providing collection and composting of food waste, recycling services, and green certifications. (Los Angeles Times)

One Responseto “Great food with “a side of sustainability” in L.A.”

  1. It is so important that restaurants do the best they can to be sustainable. I love supporting places that do.