S.F. restaurants experiment with wine on tap

Kicking the bottle habit:  Instead of recycling bins overflowing with empty 750 mL bottles, you’ll see reusable wine casks outside a handful of San Francisco restaurants. Long a tradition in Europe, these restaurants — which include such luminaries as Salt House, OTD, Delfina, and Frances — are give it a try, serving wine from spigots that are connected to reusable 5 gallon containers. Whereas carbon dioxide pushes beer from the keg to the spigot, nitrogen gas is used in these systems. Beyond eliminating a lot of bottles (5 gallons is about 25 standard 750 mL wine bottles), the wine never contacts air until it leaves the spigot, reducing waste from half-finished bottles. And it’s not just cheap stuff being served on tap, but some custom blends developed for a particular restaurant and even a $16.50 per glass Sauvignon Blanc (La Severita di Bruto Sauvignon Blanc from the Scholium Project).  (San Francisco Chronicle)

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