Why Anthony Bourdain thinks Jamie Oliver is a hero

Kid-food confidential: Anthony Bourdain may love foie gras, loathe Alice Waters and vegetarians, and enjoy tipping other sacred sustainable-foodie cows, but a recent excerpt from his new memoir, “Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook” reveals that he”s two grassfed-beef burgers away from getting his food-movement draft card. See, Bourdain”s a dad now, and like many people who claimed that the only important variable to consider online casino in food was taste before they had a mini-Me to protect, he”s coming around to the idea that not only are not all foods created equal, some in fact are created eeeeevil. Like McDonald”s. “I want my little girl to see fast-food culture as I do. As the enemy,” writes Bourdain, and for that, he”ll resort to any means necessary, including telling her Ronald McDonald is a child kidnapper and wrapping a chocolate-dipped tuft of hair in the Golden Arches” paper. Ah, it”s good to have you on the team, Mr. B. (The Guardian)

3 Responsesto “Why Anthony Bourdain thinks Jamie Oliver is a hero”

  1. mari says:

    As per usual, someone comes around to “doing the right thing” when it impacts one of their own, be it child, father, mother, sibling…..but when it was somebody else’s child, father, mother, sibling, they (meaning Bourdain et al) they could not have cared less. Only when we begin to see everyone as our own, will we do the right thing in all situations.

  2. *grin* I love it. I gardened for years but it was with the plan of children that put me into high gear of producing everything we could for ourselves so we would know what was going into our children. Goodness in, greatness out.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I applaude your convictions if only there were more likeminded sorts

    I think we all in our cittys, towns…I wont use the word community’s because we are not that!
    could focus on the values of our actions weather its feading our own family’s sodiom/sucrose-pact shelf indefinate “food” or not confronting our political leaders (mayors, governers) about a larger perpetuating crisis plagued areas of town were the only food source is a liquor store 

    tramatized areas of every city 
    you all know the area you lock your doors when you drive through where children go to schools that (and this is nationaly excepted by the USDA so do your homework for your own family) serve proccesed sodium filled chicken nuggets, reconstituted potatoe and salt fries, high fructose chocolate milk, liquid diabetes fruit cocktail for lunch and think that this is a good meal!

    shame on this nation that stoped giving a damn about its peoples health shame on our government

    this country preoduces more cheese than any other on earth guess who makes it all
    KRAFT makes over 80% motzerella for our pizza and “american” in individual wraped, jared and compressed sprayable form! 

    we have sold our viriaty away
    sold our respect our dignity away
    sold our health away

    we are a nation dying of diabetes

    BECAUSE we never gave a damn about preserving our natural beutiful products we at one point took pride in crafting and feeding to our family in good faith that it would nurture them and keep them healthy

    some complacent family will learn that a man on the TV said real food good fake food bad and think about it for mor than the time it takes to order a happy meal at mcdonalds

    am I disgusted?
    no I’m dying a little more of dissapointment each day!

    please do the right thing and be aware of what you put in your/your family/your communities mouth!