Supreme court ruling not techically a victory for Monsanto after all

Hype haymaker: “The sustainable agriculture world is abuzz today with news of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding an earlier lawsuit, brought by alfalfa farmers, that sought to stop any planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered Roundup Ready alfalfa seed. While the press coverage heralds the ruling as a decisive victory for Monsanto, a close reading shows that, in fact, it’s a fairly significant win for opponents of biotech crops,” reports Friend o’Ethicurean Tom Laskawy. The ruling is more about enforcing procedure and “separation of powers between co-equal branches of government. The
Supreme Court today stopped a District Court from telling a federal
agency that it couldn’t make regulatory rules. And on the bright side for GMO opponents: the court recognized the potentially harmful effects of “gene flow” from transgenic to conventional plants through cross-pollination, opening the way for lawsuits by those who have had their crops invaded. (Grist)

One Responseto “Supreme court ruling not techically a victory for Monsanto after all”

  1. Mica Veihman says:

    I just left a comment at Grist on Tom Laskawy’s blog addressing this same issue. Your last point is incorrect.

    The Supreme Court ruling yesterday said litigants have constitutional standing to challenge the government’s regulatory process based on cross-pollination, but the court did not say they have legal standing for injury claims or lawsuits for cross-pollination.  Those are completely different.

    Mica Veihman
    Monsanto Company