Arsenic found in Utah kids’ pee traced to their pet chickens’ feed

Poison -  It’s what’s for breakfast!: A toxicologist for the Utah Department of Health tracked worrisome levels of arsenic in two children to the family’s backyard chicken coop — “along with the eggs that came out of it, the feed that went into the hens that laid them and, finally, widely used animal-feed additives containing arsenic.” (Salt Lake Tribune) Over at Grist, the Ethicurean’s Bonnie talks to the Center for Food Safety, which co-filed a petition with the FDA earlier this year to ban arsenic additives in animal feed, and to the FDA, which is still considering the petition.

One Responseto “Arsenic found in Utah kids’ pee traced to their pet chickens’ feed”

  1. Scary. One more reason not to use commercial animal feeds. In the warm weather our poultry forage for their dinner – we feed them nothing. They eat bugs and grass. A big part of their job is bug patrol. In the cold weather I end up sometimes buying layer pellets. I don’t like doing it. I continue to work at figuring out replacements. They do like meat so I feed them certified naturally grown pastured pork when I have it – which is usually since we raise pigs year round. Still, I would like to have more other stuff for the long winter to get them through.