“Sugar is sugar is sugar” says Coke to Honest Tea

Sweet talk: In early 2008, Honest Tea sold a minority stake, for $43 million, to Coca-Cola. As this interesting NY Times Small Business article notes,  meshing the two companies’ sensibilities has not always gone smoothly. In particular, Coke objected to Honest Kids product packaging trumpeting “no high-fructose corn syrup,” thinking it made the rest of its products look bad. (Well, duh. If the sugary shoe fits, guys…) Will Honest Tea be able to stand firm, or will the big dog make it change the wording? (New York Times.com

4 Responsesto ““Sugar is sugar is sugar” says Coke to Honest Tea”

  1. Ben & Jerry’s Redux.

  2. Rodney North says:

    Thanks for sharing the  item on Coke & Honest Tea.
    That Times item, and especially all the commentary, is really interesting, including the theories posed that  A) Coke wants to eventually shutter Honest tea (companies buy and kill competing brands on a regular basis) &   B) that the whole corn syrup debate is really a ploy to avoid Coke’s potential legal liabilities. 
    I also threw in my 2 cents that some small companies (like mine, Equal Exchange) have shown you don’t have to sell out.

  3. “No High Fructose Corn Syrup”, of course, is to distract you from the other sugars added. Ironic that a company called “Honest Tea” resorts to health halos to market their stuff. Some of the most sugary drinks I have found are labeled “HFCS Free,” like Nantucket Nectars for example. Even Michael Pollan says today that sugar is sugar. For all practical purposes, we should treat it as such.

  4. Pammy says:

    I thought I had irritable bowel syndrome until I cut the HFCS completely out of my diet, then my digestive system normalized and I’m completely fine.  For me, trying to digest HFCS produces a whole list of nasty digestive symptoms.  One can of HFCS soda makes my system a mess for 5 days, the effects are long-lasting and hard to trace back to the real cause.  I know that cane sugar is a combination of fructose and sucrose, but my system can apparently handle that mix, in reasonable quantities.