New law in Michigan makes it easier to sell homemade foods

A new law in Michigan makes it easier for home cooks and bakers to sell certain types of foods at farmers markets, fairs, flea markets and other locations (but not grocery stores or restaurants). Under the law, people can sell up to $15,000 of food made outside of an inspected kitchen without a license. Labels on the food must include such things as the name and address of the operation, a listing of ingredients, and an announcement that the product has been made in a non-inspected home kitchen. The new rules offer a chance to make some extra cash, for farmers to sell value-added products made from their produce and for some to see if their products are good enough to hit the big time. (Detroit Free Press and MI News Wire)

One Responseto “New law in Michigan makes it easier to sell homemade foods”

  1. Good. This is basic common sense. People should be allowed to take risks. We should be able to buy direct without government interference.