Russ Parsons on ‘Four Fish’ — the one food-politics book to read

Net prophet: “There are few things in life more complicated than sorting through the various ethical implications of which fish you should be eating,” writes Russ Parsons in this review of Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, a hotly awaited new book by Paul Greenberg. “These days it seems like there is another food issues book coming out every five minutes, but if you’re going to read only one, this should be it.” Greenberg focuses on four iconic fish — salmon, sea bass, cod, and tuna — and covers their basic biology, the history of their use and abuse at our hands, and then uses them to discuss improved methods. Along the way, he visits an Aleut fishing camp in Alaska, a “branzino” farm in Greece, and a barramundi farm in Australia. We’re hooked. (Los Angeles Times)

One Responseto “Russ Parsons on ‘Four Fish’ — the one food-politics book to read”

  1. There are so many conflicting guides and claims like this. I’ve taken a different approach. I simply don’t eat much fish. We get fish about once a year, maybe thrice, no more than that. We can’t produce it, yet, and it comes from a long ways away (300 miles+) and there is so much confusion about pollutants, politics and population that I just gave up. I don’t have the time to read one more conflicting book on the topic. Information overload.