Richmond has a farmers market on wheels

The meals on the bus go round and round: In Richmond, Virginia, Mark Lilly has transformed a 1987 diesel school bus into a mobile produce market called Farm to Family, which also has a CSA program. The interior is really cool looking — what a great idea for recycling an old vehicle. (Blog on Interior Design)

One Responseto “Richmond has a farmers market on wheels”

  1. That’s great! I love it. What about some fiberglass roof panels? We have an old extended body cargo van that we use for our farm. It hauls, at the same time, six live pigs in the way back, six pigs in the chest freezer in the middle, six people in the front and one dog. We can also pickup one ton loads of apples, cheese and other good foods for our animals. It’s great to keep these old vehicles in service. I figure that per pound transported our 1996 cargo van gets many times better mileage than a Prius. It’s not the miles you drive but how much you haul with as little fuel as possible.


    Sugar Mountain Farm
    in the mountains of Vermont