Even fishermen suspicious of Gulf shrimp

Po’ po-boys: Monday marked the opening of shrimp season in Louisiana. Federal officials say Gulf seafood safe to eat, but shrimpers themselves are dubious, reports the Washington Post. Some worry that the government’s testing — which has yet to turn up a tainted sample from the BP oil spill — is inadequate, and that if any seafood diners get sick from oil-tainted scampi, that’s the death knell for their industry. Disturbingly, the “sniff tests” are followed by chemical ones for oil; “there is no chemical test for dispersants.” (Washington Post) As much as we want to support Gulf fishers, this information gives us pause.

2 Responsesto “Even fishermen suspicious of Gulf shrimp”

  1. Isis says:

    Hello Ethicurean,

    The only time I have ever had food poisoning was off of seafood and shrimp was in the palette. Please be very careful when eating shrimp or anything else caught in the Gulf Coast right now especially from areas near the oil spill. The fact that even the fishermen catching shrimp are worried about the safety of eating seafood coming from this area is incredibly scary. Thanks for sharing this information will all of us! I’ll certainly be staying away from oil contaminated seafood for now.


  2. Glo says:

    Hi Ethicurean,

    I was wondering if there was any update on the status of seafood from the Gulf Coast. Is it still possibly dangerous to consume it?

    Thank you,